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Sunday, 16 December 2012

An appetite for 'fairyland' adventures

FEW things in this world can be as amazing as witnessing a truly genuine smile.
The kind of smile which warms your heart on a cold winter’s night, the kind of smile which makes others around you smile, the kind of smile which melts your mum’s heart too.
Jacky’s been smiling a lot since arriving in England.
In fact her smile has been ear-to-ear and a permanent fixture.
Her first visit to England – which she calls ‘fairyland’ – has been full of the magic which you’d associate with someone experiencing something new – with the added decoration of it being Christmas.
Her visit has also boasted a variety of ‘firsts’ which people can’t help but smile about when they hear them.
For instance, this trip was the first time Jacky had heard of (let alone tasted) mince pies, mulled wine, fish and chips, Christmas pudding, pasties (no-brainer really!), fruit scones, clotted cream, chicken casserole, chicken kievs, and Brussel sprouts.

Fish and chips!

Devonshire cream tea
Sat around the dinner table for our early Christmas meal, it was also the first time Jacks had eaten a traditional roast chicken with stuffing, let alone worn a paper crown and pulled a cracker.
When I mentioned the traditional English Christmas activities before, she looked at me like I had suggested her participating in some bizarre Pagan ritual – along with my parents.

They're called "pigs... in... blankets...?!"

Crown rights

When mum asked if she wanted some trifle for dessert one evening, Jacks asked what exactly it was, followed by the question: “what’s the yellow stuff?”
Custard it seems isn’t well-known in Mexico.
By her expression – which boasted a mixture of crazed excitement and bewilderment – neither are wild ponies.
The horse whisperer

They would have had to have been mini unicorns for the English among us to share the same level of excitement.
Wide-eyed and positively gleaming though, Jacks asked “you have THESE here?!”, shortly before one pony tried to kick her.

Jacks very nearly getting a 'kick' out of meeting wild ponies

Some things are just priceless.
For the foodies and curious-minded among us I know you’ll want to know what a Mexican girl’s favourite food was upon visiting England.
And the answer... crumpets.
Well, these are her words and not mine: “(cue big smile) because they are delicious, crunchy, and yummy.”
Not a bad answer really eh?
However despite the obvious passion for our culinary delights there has been one glaring omission from the menu which was raised by Jacky last night.
In the sort of fixed and serious glare you’d associate with a heroin-starved junkie, Jacky looked at me before declaring: “I NEED chilli.”
I did warn her that it’s not part of the UK’s staple diet. And that sadly there just aren’t many chilli street dealers around South East Cornwall.
Sorry, should I not be laughing? Har har har...
I guess it was all the same for me when I first stepped foot in Mexico just over six months ago. Things still surprise me on a daily basis and that’s what makes it all so fascinating and exciting.
I still can’t get on with the chilli but hey, sticking feathers up your bum doesn’t make you a chicken right?
Anyhow, I think it’s fair to say that Jacks has made a good impression on my friends and family.
They love her (at least I think they do).
And it’s been lovely taking her to my old haunts – and even some places that I’ve actually never been to.
Anyone been to Botallack before in West Cornwall? You’d remember if you had.
Wow. The old mining engine houses on the cliff faces are a sight to behold.

Beautiful Botallack

St Michael’s Mount, Mousehole, Rame Head, Burrator, Tavistock, Plymouth, and Dartmoor to name a few places have all been on the list too.
We also spent the day in a recording studio so I could demo a new song I’ve been working on in Mexico, and found time to have coffee with my way-too-glamorous-for-Plymouth cousin, Catherine.
And I’m pretty sure, judging by the fixed grin, that Jacks has enjoyed every minute of every day.
Yes, it’s been cold and the central heating at mum’s has been on 24/7 for her benefit.
But the air’s been so lovely and crisp, almost magical.
AND... we found some snow up at Princetown. Now THAT is what Christmas is all about!

Snow joke - Jacky was a little excited about the discovery

Wrapping a Mexican girl up in as many layers as you can find has also been quite fun.
And now we swap the calm and peaceful climes of Devon and Cornwall for the crazy fast-paced nature of central London.
This could be interesting...

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