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Thursday, 1 November 2012

Clock change confusion

SO the clocks have changed, the nights are drawing in, the heating’s on… wait, no, that’s you guys in the UK.
Here it’s still balmy. Halloween in a T-shirt and board shorts – that was a first.
The kids were trick or treating and knocking at the door, and I had a good mind to give them ice cream.
In truth the nights are drawing in here too. The clocks haven't changed here yet, and when I say ‘balmy’ it’s like 25 degrees as opposed to 40 degrees.
Still pleasant and mild, but you can now feel the winter coming.
But my god, November?! Where did you come from?
The changing of the clocks always gets me.
Spring forward, winter back. That’s right isn’t it? But then, I get my brain all twisted up considering what time everything changes, and what time it is everywhere else.
And this confession of a confused mind is no more relevant than now.
You see, here in TJ we’re eight hours behind (mum and dad) in the UK, and four hours behind (the brother Jon) in New York.
At least we were up until last weekend when the clocks changed in the UK.
Now I’ve had to shave an hour off mum and dad. Brother’s time difference remains the same – at least until “tomorrow”, or so my brother thinks.
He seems to think that the clocks change for NYC and surrounding area tomorrow (Saturday). So they’ll be moving back as well right? An hour?
Last weekend the clocks also changed in Mexico City to the south of us, and next weekend, apparently, the clocks go back in TJ.
But just to confuse things further Jacky claims that apparently the clocks change in neighbouring San Diego a short time later – or before. But not at the same time.
Why? Christ knows.
How weird would that be literally taking one step forward or backwards and being in the future, or the past.
Woah. Confused? Yes, me too.
Can someone not just wake me up when it’s summer again?
Anyway, Hurricane Sandy.
Who comes up with these names? Who gets to ‘name’ a hurricane?! Is there a hurricane-naming committee? Do they draw straws to choose them?
These questions need answers!
‘Sandy’, well… it just doesn’t conjure up images of a devastating force of nature does it? In essence these hurricanes are natural attempted murderers.
Sandy sounds more like a wimpy dog with a sad expression.
Anyhow with much of NYC being without power following the hurricane’s touch down on land, it reminded me of something that happened here a few weeks ago.
You see, we lost power in the house for an hour or so. Apparently there was some fault in San Diego, which crippled the network in a far-reaching area.
At the time Jacks mentioned that the last time they had a ‘major’ power failure in TJ it was out for two whole days.
“People went crazy,” she said.
“They were in a panic and buying all the petrol, the water... the tuna fish…”
Eh… ? Cue confused look.
I couldn’t help but laugh. What she meant was that people were buying as much tinned food as they could, not necessarily ‘tuna fish’.
Still, she got a big kiss for that as it was sweet as hell, and of course it was always going to provide fodder for this blog.
So, the blog’s got a new home on my new website.
Hope you like it. I bought the domain name last year and have been meaning to do something for a while.
Now, it seems, became a good time.
In this modern age I guess a personal website is the same as having a CV, cuttings file or portfolio 15 years ago.
Anyhow, thanks for taking the time to have a read. And apologies about the lack of pictures this time round. There are lots on the website if you're feeling deprived!

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