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Monday, 26 November 2012

'hat's about it...

I DON’T know about you but I simply can’t take someone who wears a cowboy hat seriously.
Here in Mexico I’d say that about one in 10 men you meet will be wearing one. Proudly too.
They even do the tip of the cap thing when saying ‘hola’ in true Clint Eastwood style.
And I can’t help but smile or worse still, laugh uncontrollably.
I just want to call them “pardner” or say “yee har” when I agree with what they’re saying.
Sometimes I actually have to stop myself from asking “what have you come as?”
Seriously, it’s weird – simply because if you saw a man wearing a traditional cowboy hat walking down the street in England, he’d probably have a gang of tooled-up chavs behind him in close pursuit.
If you're really lucky you could get the chance to see someone wearing not only the hat, but also the boots, belt and hideously over-sized buckle, and leather waistcoat.
Oh, and of course the magnificent moustache.
I’m guessing that the cowboy thing stems from the ‘Wild West’ way of life here in Baja California.
The Western films were based on that way of life so now, is life imitating art, or is art imitating life?
I’m not sure.

Play it again Sam...

Behind the sombreros (sombrero means ‘hat with a brim’ in Spanish Mexican) is also the deep-rooted love of traditional Mexican music.
It’s called ‘banda’ or ‘nortena’,  and it’s the type of music which makes Jacky pull the most extreme unappreciative face I’ve ever seen on a person.
Eighty per cent of the Mexicans here seem to love it. Like a religion in fact.
They drive around in their cars day and night with windows down blasting it out like they’re the coolest people on the planet.
When they pull up within eye shot they give you that cocky look as if to say “yeh, you know it”.
And I think “yep I certainly do”.
That style of music should be used as a weapon in war.
It incorporates acoustic guitars, drums, possibly trumpets and, of course accordions.
Click on this link and you’ll get some idea:
Now, it would be unfair to say that I ‘hate’ it because that’s a strong word.
To me, it’s not big and it’s not clever. I’d rather listen to AC/DC.
I don’t mind it, but when you hear it all day every day you can’t help but begin to despise it.
The fact that the music goes hand in hand with the sombreros, and the fact that someone like me - who is clearly not from round here - is targeted by the traditional musicians on the street several times a day when out and about, only adds to my feeling of discontent.
It is worth pointing out that people also listen to American or English music (notably British rock music) and Mexico does have some pretty cool rock bands, but most people seem to listen to banda or nortena.
So anyway today marks the 13th date since I ran out of Golden Virginia tobacco.
It also marks the 13th day since I last had a cigarette.
Cold turkey….? No sweat (literally), which is strange after 16 or so years as a full-time smoker.
Sure I could go and buy some horrible pack of smokes but I like what I like, so I’ve decided to quit until I get some more tobacco back home.
I live in Tijuana, why would I want my sense of smell back?!
Well, I’d rather wait.
Eight days until Jacky meets my mum and dad!

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